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Family Medicine Specialist

South Auburn Medical Clinic

Family Medicine & Aesthetics located in Auburn, WA

Finding a family physician to answer all of your medical questions throughout life is an important part of keeping up on the health of you and your family. Alfred Aflatooni, MD, is an experienced family medicine physician at South Auburn Medical Clinic in Auburn, Washington, who counsels and treats patients of all ages about their wellness. Call South Auburn Medical Clinic to learn more about family medicine services or to schedule your checkup or exam today.

Family Medicine Q & A

What is family medicine?

Family medicine is the category of medicine that focuses on care for patients of all ages. The goal of family medicine is for your provider to form lasting relationships with you and the other members of your family in order to best meet all of their needs.

At South Auburn Medical Clinic, Dr. Aflatooni offers primary care services that cater to your whole family. While other specialties focus on one part of your body or a specific kind of disease or injury, family medicine takes more of a holistic approach to wellness. Each time you visit Dr. Aflatooni is a chance to update him on the state of you and your family’s health.

What are some services that family medicine includes?

Family medicine physicians like Dr. Aflatooni are able to perform many basic services in the office. Services that family medicine includes are:

Because Dr. Aflatooni gets to know you and your family’s history, it’s easy for him to recommend minor procedures and other treatments that would benefit you the most.

What are the benefits of finding a family medicine physician?

There are many benefits to finding a family medicine physician for all of your family’s medical needs. Your family physician:

  • Lessens the number of physicians your family needs to see
  • Performs a wide range of services
  • Gets to know your family’s medical history and preferences
  • Monitors you and your family’s development over time
  • Is familiar with conditions that occur at any age
  • Helps you navigate the health care system
  • Answers all of your health-related questions

Your family physician is your first, and possibly only, point of contact in the medical field. Because the specialty is so broad, you’ll only need to visit other doctors in the event of a serious illness or injury.

What is training like for a family medicine physician?

Like any other specialty, family medicine specialists must undergo a great deal of training before they can adequately treat you. After finishing their undergraduate degree and medical school, they must complete a three- or four-year residency to learn a wide range of health topics and procedures.

If you’re in search of a dedicated family medicine practice for you and the whole family, call South Auburn Medical Clinic today to schedule an appointment.